Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Buongiorno Amici!!

Io sono studente d'italiano! Yes, I am taking Italian and loving it! I haven't forgotten about SASSY SISTERS! We have been busy with mail orders and planning for upcoming events. I'll be updating later with the details!!

So, I started school and i'm enjoying every minute. My biology class is good fun, I especially like doing the lab work and looking at all the funky stuff under the microscope! Do you know what's lurking in pond water - ewwww!! Next week, we'll be looking at the innards of a FROG!!! We aren't disecting it - we're gonna be looking at dried up intestines. YUM! My nephew Noah thinks its pretty cool! I'll be able to tell him what it looked like. I feel like a mad scientist when I'm in lab! Italian is a challenge - but, i'm hangin' on! My biggest fear is getting called on by the professor and having to speak to him in Italian....I know, isn't that why I wanted to learn how to speak it. I'm not really shy - just a little insecure??

Football season has started - so Friday nights and Saturday's are pretty full!

We hope you are all happy and healthy!

Hope to see you soon!